TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi – (Michelin-Starred Chef) Pop-Up in Taipei 101

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 5.JPG

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi

Address 地址: No. 45, Fl. 4, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan
MRT 捷运: Taipei 101/World Trade Center exit 4 台北101/世貿站4號出口
Contact 電話: (02) 8101-8177
Hours 營業時間: Monday-Sunday 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM, 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
TABLE by Yoji‘s Facebook website
Instagram post 1
Instagram post 2

Opened since October 6, 2017, TABLE by Yoji is a contaminated Italian restaurant pop-up located inside the 4th floor of Taipei 101 building between the stores Louis Vuitton and Bvlgari. This restaurant is operated by a 3-year Michelin-starred chef in Paris, Yoji Tokuyoshi. The pop-up duration for TABLE was set to end in January but has been extended until the end of April this year.

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 9.JPG
This is me posing with the TABLE sign.
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 20.jpg
Minimalist yet classy interior design

Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi: Mr. Tokuyoshi’s Italian dishes are infused with Japanese culture. His philosophy for his food is “contaminated Italian cuisine” as mentioned above. He calls it “contaminated” because he respects the Italian culture/dishes and feels as if he has “contaminated” the cuisine by adding his own touch to it. He re-creates his childhood memories onto his food presentation and therefore making his dishes abstract and meaningful. Even though Yoji is the main chef, his sous chef Kunihiro Hagimoto is basically left in charge of the pop-up and is at the restaurant in the kitchen most of the time. I’ve added a picture with him in it at the very bottom.

Let’s take a look at the menu. Click here for their lunch menu and here for their dinner menu. I went during lunch and chose the $1600NT (~$54.93USD) set.
Please scroll to see their most updated menu and pricing

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 7.JPG
This is the lunch menu. (Please see updated menu near the bottom of the blog.)

Some of the best quality bread, from LALOS Bakery, are served during lunch and house-made bread is served during dinner. I got to try three tasty flavors of bread from LALOS Bakery.

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 17.JPG
Bread from LALOS Bakery

Some of these dishes come with a pairing drink. Each drink has it’s own unique flavor that is supposed to be sipped with a bite of food. Every dish has its own distinctive taste, ones that you wouldn’t expect.

Let’s check out the starters:

Sustainable Vegetable Soup 大地蔬菜湯 (not pictured) was brought out first. The soup is made of unused parts of vegetables and water making it very healthy. It was surprisingly very sweet and refreshing without extra seasoning or flavoring like salt and sugar.

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 15.JPG
Polenta in Baby Corn 蟹肉玉米筍: The filling is made of cornmeal and crab stock and is packed into baby corn.
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 14.JPG
Daikon Roll 大根捲: The filling is made with octopus and is wrapped in thin sliced daikon and zucchini.
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 16.JPG
Fish and Chips 台灣番薯片佐鮭魚: This dish consists of fresh salmon slices on a fish-shaped chip made of sweet potato.

Let’s look at the “Antipasto 開胃菜” dishes.

Since Chef Yoji is originally from Tottori, this next dish is created from a childhood fishing memory. At the time in Japan when fishermen didn’t have access to cameras to record the size of the fish they caught, they inked the fish and stamped it on paper or cloth. This fish printing art is called “Gyotaku”. Therefore, the name of the dish below is Sgombro Gyotaku 魚拓. This fish is scaled and covered with bread crumbs and charcoal powder. 🐠🐠🐠

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 13.JPG
Sgombro Gyotaku 魚拓

The dough of this next Antipasto dish is made of polenta and rice. It’s almost like the texture of a shrimp chip. All the ingredients on top of the dough and the pairing drink together made this dish taste like, well you probably already know, pizza!

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 12.JPG
Pizza Delivery 披薩外送
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 1.JPG
Pizza Delivery 披薩外

Next, let’s look at the “Primo Piatto 前菜“. You can choose which pasta you want to order.

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 2.JPG
Cacciatora e Conchiglie
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 11.JPG
Spaghetti Scoglio

Now for the Secondo Piatto 主菜, you can choose from Octopus Meets Napoli, Lamb in Hollandaise Sauce, and Dry Aged U.S. Beef.

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 10.JPG
U.S. Beef Frollato (Dry Aged U.S. Beef)
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 4.JPG
U.S. Beef Frollato (Dry Aged U.S. Beef): The black sauce is made of black garlic and the white sauce is parmesan. I loved how the sauce looks like the pattern of a cow. 🐮
TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 6.JPG
Palpo Incontra Napoli (Octopus Meets Napoli) 🐙: Do you notice what the colors of this dish represent? Italy!

Last, the set comes with dessert a.k.a. Dolce 甜點.

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 8.JPG
Noce di Cocco e Avocado (Avocado and Coconuts) 森林中的奶油: this dessert consists of avocado ice cream, whipped cream, coconut shreds, and some berries covered with thin chocolate crackers.

You can also choose coffee or tea at the end. I chose coffee of course!

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 3.JPG

Special thanks to Joyce for being kind and patient in explaining each dish and to TABLE for an amazing experience!

TABLE by Yoji Tokuyoshi 18.JPG
Left: Kunihiro Hagimoto, Middle: Joyce Kao, Right: Me

Update: TABLE recently created a new menu, so go check them out before it’s too late! Click here for TABLE‘s most updated menu and pricing. The current two set prices for lunch are $880NT (~$30.10USD) and $1800NT (~$61.56) and the prices for dinner are $1800NT (~$61.56) and $3000NT (~$102.60).

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