Factory Tea Bar Storefront


Address: 46461 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
Hours: Sun-Th 11:30AM-11PM, F-Sat 11:30AM-1AM
Phone: (510) 657-8869

Board games, live music, boba milk tea, popcorn chicken and fries make Factory Tea Bar the perfect hangout spot. Originally from San Gabriel, F.T.B. made its way to Fremont about a year ago. They aim to provide great quality food and service. I liked how the walls are decorated with vinyl records and a mural of the Bay Area.

Factory Tea Bar Top 10
F.T.B.’s Top 10 Sellers
Factory Tea Bar Wall Art
Factory Tea Bar Games
Board games!

F.T.B. has delicious Taiwanese dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. Their food and drinks are nicely presented. With the generous food portions, you definitely get a bang for your buck.

Popcorn Chicken Bento: This Taiwanese popcorn chicken entree has some Japanese influence with the onsen egg. The way to eat this is to create an opening in the middle of the rice and pour the onsen egg inside. The egg had some flavoring already, because it is swimming in dashi stock. You can either get the chicken spicy or non-spicy. The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. All this is only $9!!!!! WHAT ?!?! Yah.

Factory Tea Bar Popcorn Chicken Bento
Popcorn Chicken Bento 特製鹽酥雞飯

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup: F.T.B. probably has the best Taiwanese beef noodle soup in the Tri-City area. I like the flat noodles that they use and their beef is so tender! The broth is hearty and flavorful. The dish comes with saurkraut (must have when eating taiwanese beef noodle) and Taiwanese style kimchi. I highly recommend this! It’s a generous amount of beef for $12!

Factory Tea Bar Beef Noodle Soup
Premium Beef Noodle Soup 台式紅燒半筋半肉麵

Drinks: Their tea/milk tea drinks are quite tasty. They tend to be on the sweeter side so I recommend 50% sweetness for all their drinks. I liked their Rose Green Milk Tea with Grass Jelly because I’m a huge fan of floral drinks. If you like sweeter drinks, I’d recommend their Nom Nom Milk or Nom Nom Green Milk Tea. If you like less sweet drinks, I recommend the Matcha Latte or any of the Coachella Lemonade series. The multi-layer colored Coachella drinks are super pretty and IG worthy. If you like Hong Kong style milk tea, you can order the Factory Milk Tea. Prices range from $3.50 to $5.

Factory Tea Bar Drinks
Matcha Latte 抹茶拿鐵 (boba), Rose Green Milk Tea 玫瑰奶綠茶 (grass jelly), Strawberry Coachella Lemonade, Factory Milk Tea 特製奶茶 (coffee jelly)

If you don’t feel like eating a big meal, F.T.B. has a delicious fried food selection including chicken wings, gyoza, cuttlefish balls, and fries that go well with your drinks. If you get the fries, I recommend getting it with sour cream flavor. Prices range from $4 to $8.

Factory Tea Bar Fried Food
Fried Gyoza 煎餃, Sour Cream French Fries 特色薯條

If you’ve got an extra stomach for dessert like I do, you can order their toast. They have two different ones at $8.50 each: House Special Caramel Toast and Condensed Milk with Milo Toast. I tried the F.T.B. Condensed Milk with Milo Toast. It came with a good amount of ice cream and is shareable with 3 people. I really liked the ice cream!

Factory Tea Bar Milo Toast
F.T.B. Condensed Milk with Milo Toast 茶工廠煉乳美祿吐司

Not only does F.T.B. have amazing food and drinks, but they also offer entertainment like open-mic nights and host non-profit events. On October 10, 2018, they are offering free boba topping for all drinks. Just a side historical note, 10/10 is Double Ten Day a.k.a. Taiwan’s birthday. F.T.B. is also celebrating their 1 year anniversary and is offering promotions and special events for you all from October 19-21, 2018!

October 19:

October 20:

October 21:

(006) FTB Performance x Lovesecond Chance
Doggie Adoption 10/21/18

Follow them on Instagram @ftbfremont for event/promo updates! Feel free to share your experiences with me via Instagram @confession.of.a.foodie or in the comments section of this post below!

Thanks for stopping by!

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