Fire Wings + Confession.of.a.foodie


Address: 206 B St, San Mateo, CA 94401
Hours: Sun-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sat 11AM-12PM
Phone: (650) 372-5263

This 3-year Sactown Wings award-winning chain offers over 20 wing flavors for you to feast on! You choose from the classics, dry rubs, and fusions. You can also make your order into a combo meal or a family pack.

I ordered the Family 40 Bone-In Pack ($48.89) which includes 4 wing flavors, 4 dips, large fries, a large side, and vegge sticks and ordered Mozarella Sticks ($4.99). For the wing flavors I got Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Korean Kick, and Buffalo Stampede. My favorite flavors out of the four were Garlic Parmesan and Korean Kick. I personally love Garlic Parmesan flavor in general and the Korean Kick was like really good Korean fried chicken. For the dips, I got marinara, honey mustard, ranch, and siracha mayo. For the side, I got the garlic noodles.

Fire Wings + Confession.of.a.foodie
Family Pack of 40

Oof! That first bite of the Garlic Parm wing sent me flying high up to the sky. These flavorful wings/drumettes are the perfect size, meaty but not too big. It’s juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside. I was actually surprised that the meat could be so juicy yet not oily at all.

If you’re with someone that’s not really into fried chicken, Fire Wings has different salads and bomb garlic noodles. I highly recommend their garlic noodles. You’re bound to have appetizing garlic breath after you eat this. This should scare off those Vampires!

Fire Wings, I’m coming back for you! Get ready to get your hands dirty with these finger lickin’ chicken wings!!!


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